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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Grooming

What is dog grooming?

Dog grooming is a service provided by a professional who knows and understands how to hygienic care and clean your dog. Grooming helps rid the coat of shed hair and dead skin while spreading natural oils. Clipping ensures the maintenance of a comfortable coat length to match the season and ensure your dogs comfort. 

Some breads need special types of grooming (racking, carding, hand stripping etc) for their bread so it is important you understand what type of grooming your dog needs for its health and wellbeing.

We recommend you make grooming a regular part of your dogs healthcare.

What does dog grooming include?

A full dog groom includes your dog being washed with the correct coat shampoo and conditioner, dried, nails clipped and pads / paws trimmed and tidied. If you dog is a long haired coat, we will clip them to an agreed length and groom their face into bread specific,  into a cute teddy bear face or what you’d prefer as the client. Not all breads need clipping so we might need to deshed their coat or similar. A hygiene clip is also included for all dog breads.

How much is dog grooming?

Dog grooming prices vary and they also vary from groomer to groomer. At Ruff Cuts we have our standard prices based on the standard time length it takes to groom a small, medium or large dog. We work our prices out at $65 per hour, charged at 15 minute increments. We do this due to some dogs not being tolerant of grooming and or are in bad shape with a lot of mats, lots of fur to be deshed etc making the groom longer.

Why is dog grooming important?

It is important for dogs to be groomed for their wellbeing. Our Torquay dog grooming helps rid the coat of hair and dead skin while spreading natural oils. Some dogs will need deshedding during season changes otherwise mats will form close to the skin, others will need their undercoat raked and carded out to keep their coats light and shinny. Most dogs that are regularly groomed are long coated breads such as oodle crosses etc.

How long does dog grooming take?

The time it takes to complete a standard full groom also varies from 1hr 30mins to 2 hours. Grooming can take longer than this if your dog isn’t tolerant to grooming and or isn’t in great condition (matted, has a lot of fur to deshed).

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