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Dog Grooming Services

Here are our current Torquay dog grooming services.

All services below are based on standard grooming times where dogs have no mats, are tolerant to grooming, are not aggressive or time consuming.

Full Groom

Wash, blow-dry, brush out, comb through, nail trim, a full body clip to your specifications or a breed specific clip, including paws, pads, tail, ears, face and body.

Small $98+

Medium $115+

Large $130+


Wash, blow dry, brush out, comb through, nail trim, ear clean, tidy of paws, pads, tail, ears, face and hygiene areas (suited to dogs such as oodles, maltese, shitzu that need a face tidy).

Small $80+

Medium $100+

Large $115+

Wash & Blow Dry

Wash, blow dry, brush out, comb, nail trim, paws and pads and ear clean.

Short Hair

Small $55+

Medium $65+

Large $80+

Long Hair

Small $65+

Medium $80+

Large $98+

Wash & Towel Dry

Brush out, nail trim, wash and towel dry.

(Note that we do not recommended this service in winter)

Small $30+

Medium $40+

Large $50+


Full body brush, undercoat removal nail trim, wash and blow dry.

(This service suits Samoyed, Border Collies, Bernese).

> Starting at $130

(This is a 2hr service only. Extra time might be needed)

Stripping / Carding

This service is for dogs needing their dead hairs removed by hand which will also include a wash, dry, paw and pad tidy and nail trim.

$65 per hour

This service take a minimum of 2hrs

Please Note:

We charge $65 extra per hour (at 15 min increments) for dogs that need special attention or take longer due to thickness / length of fur (longer drying time), matting, anxiety, extra large breads. Please ask for approximate price.

Dog Grooming Enquiry

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